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Lumineers in Lakewood, CO

For the latest in veneer technology, trust Alpine Dental Arts for Lumineers in Lakewood, CO. It doesn't matter whether your smile is tarnished from discoloration, damage, or rot. Dental Lumineers are a quick, cost-effective means of completely restoring your teeth back to their original pristine condition. By utilizing the latest in proprietary technology, we are able to outfit you with a brand new set of long-lasting, pearlescent white teeth. With more than 35 years of experience, our family dentists' office is the name to trust for the full-line of cosmetic dental services.

No one in the area cares more about giving you the perfect smile that you deserve. We are the certified Lumineers dentist to count on when it comes to providing you with the quickest procedure possible. Dental work doesn't have to be a scary ordeal. Trust in our team to always provide the latest in pain-free dental techniques. Perfecting your look and your smile has never been easier than with our experienced team. Schedule an appointment for a consultation to begin the process of enhancing your look.

Get the Best Results from a Certified Lumineers Dentist

Finding the time to meet with one of our dentists for a consultation is the hardest part of the process. After that, getting the beautiful porcelain Lumineers you need is as easy as getting a teeth cleaning. What this technology has over standard veneers is simple: they are paper thin. We are able to apply your new teeth while removing as little of your existing enamel as possible.

The vast majority of your new set of beautiful teeth is still natural, cutting down on complications such as over-sensitivity. All we have to do is a take a simple X-ray of your mouth to determine the shape. After that, a computer program builds your new set of teeth to be molded and shipped to our office. The next time you show up, your new set of Lumineers is ready to install quickly and easily.

Caring for Lumineers is even easier. Since your natural teeth are still mostly intact underneath, you just need to care for them as you would your natural teeth. A healthy regimen of brushing and flossing, as well as avoiding overconsumption of dark foods such a red wine, is all there is to ensure that your new, gorgeous smile lasts for years and looks great.

Contact us to schedule a consultation on getting expertly crafted and installed Lumineers. We are proud to serve Lakewood, Littleton, Englewood, Morrison, and Green Mountain, CO.

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