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Dental Implants in Lakewood, CO

The last thing anyone who is missing a tooth wants to do is smile wide. More than that, missing a tooth negatively impacts your ability to chew, speak, and even drink—normal functions that should never be difficult. When you become fed up with having a missing tooth creating a gap in your smile, come to Alpine Dental Arts for the tooth implants needed to restore your smile.

Seeking the aid of a professional dentist for dental implants in Lakewood, CO, is important for more than just cosmetic reasons. When a hole in your smile is left alone for too long, the teeth surrounding it crowd in to fill the gap. The crevices that are formed after this crowding are an ideal location for bacteria to hide, potentially leading to serious oral hygiene issues such as gum disease and tooth decay. If you find that your smile is suffering from a missing or damaged tooth, schedule an appointment with our family dentists' office for the implant crowns you need to return your smile to pristine condition.

Perfectly Natural Looking Tooth Implants

Utilizing the latest in dental technologies, our dentists are able to cover or entirely replace your missing or damaged teeth so that no one, not even your family, will be able to tell the difference. You won't be able to feel the difference, as our implants allow you to chew and speak normally, just as you would with your natural teeth. The newest advancements in tooth replacement techniques allow us to give you a smile that feels as authentic as it looks.

Couple Smiling in Lakewood, CO

How Implant Crowns Are Created

Our implant crowns are held in place by specialized objects called abutments. Abutments function like an artificial root, allowing us to implant a tooth without having to connect it directly to the surface of the gum. This allows for maximum comfort, forgoing any irritation or chafing of the gums.

It is our first priority to ensure that your new smile is as comfortable as your natural teeth. Tooth implants that cause pain or discomfort are no better than the gap they replace. Rest easy knowing that our team is dedicated to providing you with a perfect smile that not only looks great, but also blends into your everyday routine without causing you undue pain or stress.

Contact us today for the dental implants you need to smile with confidence again. We are proud to serve Lakewood, Littleton, Englewood, Morrison, and Green Mountain, CO.